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Principal's Message

Greetings, Vista Family!
My name is Trent Speier, and I am incredibly excited and humbled to be the next principal of Vista Meridian Global Academy.  I know Dr. Real has left me VERY big shoes to fill, but she has kindly offered her full support to Vista Meridian this year, and we are very grateful to continue to benefit from her guidance!  Dr. Real will have an office on our campus as she moves into her new role as Director of Counseling, College, and Careers.
I have exactly one goal for our students: to help them become the best version of themselves.  Throughout my years as a classroom teacher and school administrator, giving students the tools they need to succeed has always been my passion.  I LOVE watching students learn and grow into fine young men and women, and it is my life’s honor and joy to be a part of that process.  I am thrilled to share this honor and joy with the Vista Meridian community.
Educators know that giving students support leads to student success.  While we at Meridian agree with this statement, we also know that high amounts of student support leads to greater student achievement.  Every day at Vista Meridian, each student will receive an unparalleled amount of support from their school.  We will have instructional aides in every classroom.  Our teachers will inspire our students with engaging lessons.  Our support team will be there for students every step of the way.  I have seen the dedication of our staff, and I am honored and humbled to be a part of this incredible team.  We can’t wait to share our passion and dedication with our students.
Vista Meridian is a special place.  While we are moving into an amazing new facility, offering a number of dual enrollment options, participating in CIF sports, providing great transportation options, and a myriad of other services to our families, I do not believe that is what sets us apart.  I have found what truly makes a school special is its people.  I have had the opportunity to meet with students, teachers and staff on our campus, and I have been blown away by their dedication to each other.  Very few schools out there have this attitude, and I am honored to be a part of our positive school environment.
This year, we are moving into a beautiful new building.  While the facility is incredible, its beauty doesn’t come close to our beautiful school culture. It is part of our DNA to love and care for our students, and that is never going to change.  Thank you for allowing us to love and care for your students.  It is our privilege to educate them.
Truly yours,
Trent Speier
Vista Meridian Global Academy