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Way of Council

The core of Vista’s mission is to nurture and educate “the whole child.” Vista not only nurtures young people who excel in academics, but who excel as human beings. Every student at Vista participates in the Way of Council, where students and teachers sit and share their experiences and stories in an open, honest, and safe environment. Way of Council allows students and teachers to engage in authentic, heartfelt conversations that cultivate a safe and supportive learning environment.

Way of Council is built around 4 core principles:

  1. Speak from the heart: Be honest, and open
  2. Listen from the heart: Truly attend and focus on the speaker
  3. Speak Spontaneously: Listen to others, rather than prepare your own statement
  4. Speak Leanly: Do not abuse your speaking time

Way of Council is also a prime example of how Vista employs restorative practices that focus on improving and repairing harmed relationships by helping to build community.